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Wasting food

March 18, 2011

Wasting food is a topic of many articles, one with a headline of “how about we just not do that?” That sounds like a great idea but assumes only food is wasted that there is a choice. We can control the food that comes into our homes – make use of leftovers, waste less. That is only part of the food.

Restaurants throw away a lot of food – salad fixings that wilt or food that people put on their plates and don’t eat. There could be a way to use some of that for feeding chickens, but liability issues mean when we ask restaurants they say they can’t do that.

Then there’s government regulation of another kind. Much produce, meats and other food is recalled because it *might* be contaminated (not that it IS but it MIGHT BE – or might be fine!). Much of the time that food is thrown away. If you want a great deal on a half ton of burger to take a chance on it might or might not be an issue, but you cook food thoroughly so aren’t concerned, you cannot buy that to use as it must be thrown away. The demand for “safe food” sometimes leaves no options for borderline cases.

This also counts in the 40% of food that is thrown away. “Better safe than sorry” and waste doesn’t balance…one will outweigh the other.

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