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A look at Turkeys

September 21, 2011

As the days turn cooler it gets closer to the holidays and people think about turkey dinners! Turkey is a versatile meat for any time of year, and an interesting bird to raise. The myths about turkeys are many – they’re stupid (they aren’t!) and they’ll drown looking up at the rain (really – however are they thriving in the wild?!).

Turkeys ARE incredibly curious animals – as this minute look shows!

Most commercial turkeys are the large white birds – these are smaller, a breed known as the midget white. They’re considered a rare breed, partly due to as families grew the demand for larger turkey dinners did too. As the name implies these are smaller – 10-12 pounds so ideal for smaller families.

Heritage raised birds can be more expensive, due to their slower growing characteristics. Some of the larger heritage birds can be over $200 dressed for Thanksgiving tables of those choosing what they can afford over and above what is in grocery stores.

Food choices are of all kinds!

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