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Are You Really Interested In Healthy Eating?

October 4, 2011

A recent article headline from a newspaper machine caught my eye – “Salads Are Nice But Burgers Are What Really Sells.” I didn’t have change with me but searched for it online and found several posts of it.

It brings the continued battle here between what people say they want and what they REALLY want. What they really want is what they pay for. “47 percent of Americans say they’d like restaurants to offer healthier items like salads and baked potatoes, only 23 percent tend to order those foods, according to a survey last year by food research firm Technomic.”

Many say they’d pay a little extra for outdoor raised eggs where they’re not in cages – but the reality just doesn’t follow through in too many cases. When a restaurant adds “healthy” items and it’s not supported it doesn’t stay on the menu. It’s simply not profitable to do so.

Earlier this year there was an uproar as people demanded healthier food from McDonalds Happy Meals, but in fact “only 11 percent of parents ordered apple slices as an alternative to fries in McDonald’s Happy Meals.” Note “It had considered taking fries out Happy Meals completely, but nixed the idea when parents in tests said “No.” Consumer demand trumps media!

But lean meats are all the rage…except in fast food. McDonalds “spent three years developing the McLean Deluxe, a 91-percent fat-free hamburger it introduced in 1991 only to suffer disappointing sales.”

I found a lot of truth in the comment section – one said “The health food industries make billions selling us diets and shakes that don’t work. Then the fast-food companies make billions selling us comfort foods when we fail at our diets and pig out in desperation and depression. The government spends billions trying to get us to ‘eat healthy’. The media pushes unreasonable body standards on us everyday. The whole thing becomes a bucket of deep-fried fail. We need to let people make their own choices and take their own responsibility for them. Constantly ratcheting up the social pressure and angst does us no good, personally it makes me want to eat.”

Another common sense comment “If you don’t want what McDonald’s is selling, don’t go to McDonald’s. It’s really doesn’t need to be any more complex than that. It certainly doesn’t require the government being involved in any way.”

From a grower standpoint it adds to the “white noise” and confusion – what do people really want? By action it is what it is – inexpensive food in volume. Those who can afford food choices do.

According to a national survey ” Of all the aspects of how food is grown and raised, Americans are most satisfied with the availability of healthy foods (73 percent) and food safety standards (66 percent) ”

That says agriculture is doing well – not perfect, room for improvement for sure but well. What we’d most like to hear is what our readers think!

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