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GMO Choices

February 24, 2012

There is, among some, a panic about GMO grains being included in food. This expands to other food products, with labels like “Frankenfood” and misinformation that just isn’t true at all.

For example, it’s said by some fear mongers that chickens are GMO and can’t live naturally because they’re so large. So here’s a glimpse of a pair of ours.

You can see the width on these, the compact body and muscling. These are, in fact, a breed called the dark Cornish. A common cross in modern broiler production is a Cornish (these) – (Plymouth) Rock cross. The Rock is available in white, barred and several other varieties. So crossing two breeds gets that genetic width and fast growing birds that do need a higher level of nutrition. They grow incredibly fast and because of that must be fed a monitored amount rather than free choice.

This is just part of the misinformation. “It’s in everything!” and “You can’t avoid GMO” are rallying points from those who want everyone to be as concerned and fearful as they are. Here’s the thing readers – GMO isn’t in everything. It is not approved for organic, but beyond that you have choices too. An easy to follow printout is available that you can print off and take to the store with you. Many of these are normal brand names.

You can also purchase direct from places like us. You know what varieties of plants and animals you’re consuming. You exercise food choices every time you make a purchase. Be informed. It’s easier than ever with the internet! Don’t believe everything you read – remember Star Wars appeared real too!


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