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Easy Potato Skillets

February 25, 2012

Economical meals are easy with these skillet dinners. They don’t take special ingredients. You can adapt them for what you have available, and even use leftovers with them.

One of our favorites is dicing up potatoes, onions, peppers and burger. I start the potatoes first as they take the longest to cook, using just enough oil to keep them from sticking. I add the burger, breaking it up as I add to the pan. Then add the diced peppers and onions. From here I have added many options…leftover rice, leftover mac & cheese or other leftovers. Sprinkle a packet of taco or chili seasoning over the top and mix it all together. Sometimes I add a can of diced tomatoes, an easy addition on those nights we’re all hungry after working outside all day.

If desired, top with a little shredded cheese. What you include (or leave out) is up to you – corn, peas, squash…mix and match. Try new things, and remember if you don’t like the result just don’t use those things next time!

In local stores right now potatoes are about 50 cents a pound – that’s cheap eating, and while it’s not an every night potato skillet dinner, there are many ways to use this. Use chili and you have easy chili cheese potatoes.

It’s also a way to use those small half cup of leftovers that you can’t throw away but isn’t enough for a serving. We’ve used diced hot dogs, link sausage, chicken fingers and other things instead of burger.

Don’t overlook breakfast skillets! Some bacon or diced ham, or sausage added to the potatoes, a few scrambled eggs mixed in and topped with a sprinkle of cheese and you have what fast food places call breakfast bowls. Easy, quick and economical. You can even dice the potatoes the night before, put in a bowl with water, then in the morning just drain and cook.

Potatoes are also a good source of potassium! Use your imagination – I usually allow one medium potato per person, or if we’re hungry that night a larger one. It’s a good way to stretch the budget!

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