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What’s Really In Your Kitchen

February 28, 2012

Many of us love gadgets. Yet we also love simplicity. How do we combine the use of things?

We use our cast iron skillet for making pizza. Yes! As well as breakfast and skillet dinners, our cast iron skillet works hard. When the tornadoes struck the area last year we simply took the skillet out to the open fire – it was tough enough to use as is. But over the stove on low it also cooks pizzas – it took some trial and error, but a little grease and a pizza, covered, comes out hot and tasty.

Our next purchase will likely be a cast iron Dutch Oven. Any idea what this can do? Many think of it as soups or stews, or large quantity cooking. However, a very cool little book “101 Things To Do With a Dutch Oven” shows it can make cinnamon rolls, herb bread, stuffed chops in gravy, lamb stew and chocolate cake!

Look at what *else* your kitchen tools can do. Crockpot cakes are a different way to make dessert. Bread makers do so much more than just bread. Explore the options with your machines and tools. What will you try first?

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