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Food Choices & Food Responsibilities

March 27, 2012

As anyone who reads either of our blogs should be aware, we’re a banner supporter of food choices. We also do not support fear factor type of information presented as entertainment, but interpreted as fact. Several months ago I did a post on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. A year ago was a post on our farm blog.

Yesterday it was announced hundreds of people were laid off – those people who processed the lean beef products. Even though there was no food safety issues, there was no hazard issues, the information was not accurate (household cleaners are not used in food!) They were laid off because of the image of “pink slime” portrayed as dog food being fed to people. Now in the current economy those lean bits of meat could be recycled into stir fry or other things in your kitchen – but you should trim off and feed it to your dog? Just how wasteful are we?

It shows the power of the media, fanning the flames of misinformation or partial information. It shows that even without doing anything wrong or endangering anyone’s health, there are hundreds of people who now cannot support their families.This affects not only those growing it, but directly those laid off that were insuring those beef bits were processed and handled as safely as possible.

I’m all for information and food choices. Shows like the food revolution condemn choice. It really does – because if you watch it *says* food choices but eliminates most foods Americans wanted enough to demand.It doesn’t allow people to choose what they want to eat, but defines when they can choose then ‘allows choice’.

Whether you choose to consume the beef bits or they go for dog food, entertainment is not fact. Entertainers on television give an opinion, a viewpoint. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dr. Oz, or Oprah, or Jamie Oliver – FACTS are in their point, not as facts to empower choice. Manipulating to sell something, even if that something is a point or idea, has an ulterior motive. It gets headlines. It makes a change. Sadly, there are still millions overweight, but now hundreds more out of work. Well done activists and Jamie Oliver. Will you feed those folks now?


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