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Food Past & Present

May 16, 2012

Recently I was browsing on YouTube and came across a historical video from the 1930s. Many of those in it were born 100 years ago, so it’s likely few are still around today. But something struck me in watching the video.

Looking through minutes of scenes and thinking of what makes the news now – the obese people are where? There are scenes of citizens working and playing together, of what looks like high school aged teens – full of life, hopes and dreams.

Today the media disparages the south for being obese, unhealthy, cooking “fat” and other negativity. Yet people cook, often, with traditional food and recipes that date back to here or longer. People used lard, but were active growing their own food. There weren’t video games to keep kids inside, nor the lawsuits if someone got hurt taking a risk.

While many people today do need to lose weight, and many are attempting to, there are also issues beyond just food. Portions, activity and availability of food make a huge difference. Do we want a Depression and food shortages as a means to control obesity?

Were there health issues then? Was it as easy as it looks? I’m quite sure there were and that it wasn’t. But we can – each of us! – control what goes into our kitchens and is served on our plates.

I’m thankful for the availability of safe food and food choices. May we long have them.


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