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Breakfast for Under $3

May 18, 2012

Continuing on a recent post about saving money – many don’t think of breakfast or look at drive through windows for cheap solutions. Here are ten breakfasts for under $3 – one for each day of the week for over a week!

1. Scramble up 2 eggs, slice up and add a sausage link. Top with a little salsa and a sprinkle of cheese. Cost – about $1.50; time about 5 minutes (less than many drive through lines!)

2. Oatmeal – large container of it, generic brand under $3. You can eat a double serving for less than a quarter. Add to it a little fruit, milk, maple syrup, brown sugar or other taste treat. Cheaper and easier to alter than the little flavor packets. Cost – $1-2 depending on flavoring; time – boil water!

3. Breakfast rice – like oatmeal, you can add what you want. Set your rice cooker before you head to the shower and get dressed – it’ll be ready for you to add goodies to when you’re done. Connor likes sugar cinnamon on his.

4. Questionable in ‘healthy’ but fast for on the go – fruit pastries.

5. Muffins – make them a variety of breakfast ways from banana to raisin to bacon cheese, peanut butter, etc. Like the rice – mix the batter the night before, put the pan in the oven before hopping in the shower. Hot fresh muffins! Cost under $3 per serving for almost any!

6. Shred potatoes and crumble in some onion, bulk sausage and seasoning. Top with a little cheese and/or salsa…breakfast bowl in under 10 minutes.

Shredded potato (for less than a quarter!), sausage patties (under a quarter each) is the basis of a hearty breakfast for 50 cents! Add 2 of our fresh eggs (33 cents each to buy them) and a sprinkle of cheese and/or salsa and that’s $1.50 for two people! A little onion – diced into the potatoes – adds extra nutrition and flavor.

7. Mix up batter the night before for waffles. Top with fruit, syrup or choice of flavorings.

8. Toast an English muffin, top with fried egg, slice of bacon and slice of cheese. Hashbrowns on the side – under 10 minutes.

Eggs locally can be found for just over a dollar – a dime each. Our farm fresh outdoor eggs are just over a quarter each for food choices – but either option is available.

9. Whip up an egg, add a little milk and cinnamon. Dip a couple pieces of bread and slip into a hot pan. Under a dollar for French toast.

10. Literally hundreds of possibilities with smoothies in the morning to drink breakfast on the go.

The idea that it’s expensive to eat well doesn’t have to be true. We all have choices…food choices and life choices. If you want something to happen badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen. If you don’t you’ll find an excuse. Add a serving of orange juice, and it’s still under $3. Enjoy!

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