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Happy Independence Day! SlowMoneyFarm 8 Week Challenge

July 4, 2012

It’s Independence Day, a day we celebrate America’s birthday. It’s easy to forget that at the time it was something that probably gave our founding fathers great pause. Were they doing the right thing? What if they failed? What if they didn’t?

Much of what we call heritage livestock or heirloom varieties traces back to those early days of American history. The chickens, cattle, sheep, horses and other livestock that provided food on those early farms are considered relics now. Tunis sheep. Guernsey and Devon cattle.

In 1809 Jefferson grew Mortgage Lifter tomatoes on his estate in Monticello. That’s over 200 years of history in a tomato!Today we’re gearing up for independence of another kind. As those who read our sister blog know, we feel strongly about food choices.

Click our subscribe link right now and don’t miss a post of our SlowMoneyFarm food 8 week challenge. Empower your food choices, explore your options. Making large steps doesn’t change for many. If we say “no more chocolate ever” it’s unrealistic, and will lose interest of many.

Many moons ago I heard a wise statement about training horses. People get a young horse and want to see improvements. They push the horse for results and not surprisingly the horse pushes back, resisting his lessons. Let’s ask for 1% improvement – that’s not very much. When we scale our expectations back a funny thing happens…that’s achievable and we get more than we ask for.

We’re not that different from horses. So in this challenge we’re looking at small challenges. We’ll try one thing for a week, then try something else. This isn’t obligation time – this is “will this work for us?” time. Try it on. Keep what works, toss what doesn’t. Decide on your food choices.

We’ll have eight weeks to explore -we’ll offer ideas and suggestions and encourage you to accept the personal responsibility to fit it into your life. We’ll start week 1 next week with saving money on food – in today’s economy it pays to save money but this doesn’t just mean the cheapest food available. We’ll continue with connecting with farmers, eating local, eating ‘normal’, trying new things, striving for homemade, eating seasonal, eliminating processed food. Before making a lifestyle change of all or nothing try it for a week. What have you learned to apply? What can you do without? What do you honestly not want to do without?

Can’t give up ice cream? Look at options to incorporate it differently! Maybe you’ll find some processed food isn’t “evil” but is a timesaver that is occasionally worth the tradeoff. Maybe you’ll find something you really like and at the end of the eight weeks embrace it more fully. How you apply the ideas is up to you! If you’re omnivore, vegan, vegetarian – whatever your food beliefs you should be able to find things that are useful.

Join us. Embrace the food journey!Invite your friends, spread the word! The SlowMoneyFarm 8 week challenge – embrace food choices and explore food. We’ll have some posts leading up to it. Look forward to having many join us, and hopefully you’ll find some new tips along the way.


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