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Junk Food Express

July 5, 2012

We see it often so it must be true. Candy and Twinkies are cheaper than eating healthy. But is it?

John Robbins posed the question Why Twinkies Are Cheaper Than Carrots. He says “If you want to eat healthfully, you have to fight an uphill battle. Why are government subsidies pushing in the wrong direction?” It sounds convincing – but he’s selling a book too!

I recently saw another comparison of a 1,000 calorie candy bar was cheaper than 1,000 calories of soup. OK that may be true. But why do we need to eat 1,000 calories? And with a can of tomato soup being less than $1 and having 2 1/2 servings at 90 calories per serving, that entire can of soup with crackers is still half the calories of the candy bar.So an entire can of soup with crackers vs a candy bar – which would fill you up more? And if you went *per serving* that is cheaper than the candy bar. The two potatoes, part of an onion and pepper pictured, diced up – cost less than $1.

The Provident Homemaker compared costs healthy vs junk food and found per calorie junk food was not cheaper.Serious Eats showed two years ago one could eat healthy according to USDA recommendations for $2.50 per day! So that’s under $20 per week – less than many spend on coffee or lunch.

The fact is the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service analysis found that fresh fruits and vegetables cost an average of 12 to 18 cents per serving, which means the daily recommended three servings of fruit and four servings of vegetables could be bought for as little as 84 cents. That’s under the cost of that $1 candy bar that most use for one serving, and well under the calories as well.

So with the money thing debunked, why aren’t people losing weight and saving money? Both are said to be something people want to do, but in action isn’t happening. Perhaps it’s sweeping big changes that aren’t do-able or perhaps it’s not enough persistence or perhaps it’s not knowing where to start. It’s possible folks. There are dozens of websites for low calorie, diabetic, allergen free and about any other type of food lifestyle you could want.

If you want it. $1 for the candy bar or for the above diced meal, with much more filling results! Are you ready for the SlowMoneyFarm 8 week challenge? Will you try to make a difference for yourself and your family? Aren’t they worth it?!


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