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Are You a Food Victim?

July 7, 2012

As I recently posted, it is possible to get good quality food rather than junk food, and save money doing it. I see people in comment sections repeatedly say they want non-GMO food, but they don’t want it badly enough to visit a website with an easy shopping list of non-GMO brands and foods! We obviously love food choices. We love a meal from the garden and the chicken coop but also love, sometimes, the convenience of other food choices.

A very popular food darling says “Don’t ever let yourself be a victim.  Our culture thrives on victimhood. We love to invoke ‘I can’t’ and make excuses. The truth is we tend to make time and have money for what we think is important. It’s ok to eat junk, but be honest and admit that it’s because you don’t care enough or you’re lazy, or whatever. You and I can’t change everyone else, but we can sure change the one looking at us in the mirror.Resolve to do that, and you’ll lead by example and find the world lining up to follow. Be the change you want to see and refuse to blame others or circumstances.”

Now if I were to say that (although I largely agree with it!) there would be a line of people criticizing. Accusing us of not being sensitive to those who are struggling financially, and of profiting by growing GMO crops. Inaccurate claims, but the truth is the author of those words is Joel Salatin, from his book “Folks This Ain’t Normal.”

How badly do you want food choices? How much do you want heirloom, or whatever your food choices are? I talked last summer to someone who had several family members with severe allergies – peanuts, eggs, dairy and a couple other things. I can’t even imagine and count my blessings daily that I can eat what I choose, whether it’s scrambled eggs or pizza or ice cream or peanut butter. But she is MUCH more educated on what’s in her food choices because she has to be…far different perspective from me!

What matters to you? If it’s life and death, as food allergies are for many, would you find the time or money to make it happen? So what is stopping you from making *choices*?

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  1. July 9, 2012 9:16 AM

    I totally agree! We all make choices and live by those. There are so many choices out there (organic, non organic, fresh, processed) there is no excuse for many of us. How you spend your money really does count. Farmers will continue to provide what is in demand. We changed our farm to an organic farm because there was demand. If there wasn’t demand, we would go back to conventional (even though most of our farming practices wouldn’t change). Yes, there is a small percentage who live in food deserts, but that is not 90% of us.

    • July 9, 2012 11:51 AM

      Thanks for stopping by Emily. We all have food choices and it allows farm choices as well.

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