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Have You Checked Into Fresh Food?

July 10, 2012

I mean really checked into it? What can you purchase from a farmer’s market, a CSA or local market? What might you be able to grow in a 4×8′ bed or some buckets on the patio? Containers are often kept for flowers – why not herbs or tomatoes? Why not look into edible landscaping?

For those unfamiliar with a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture is something that is present in many areas. Typically you pay a fee for monthly food that may be delivered to a pickup point or picked up at the farm. Some require that you work a certain number of ours, where others don’t have that requirement.

You can check into direct purchase opportunities such as we offer. You can shop at farmer’s markets, now standard in many areas. Websites such as Local Harvest can offer a range of opportunities no matter where you live.

With the seasonal aspect of these choices, you can often find food cheaper than the chain produce department but you can only use so much at a time. However, take a chance to learn something new – preserve your own food. Make salsa, soups and more. The canning¬† jars can be an expense but after the first year you’ll just need to buy the lids, which shouldn’t be re-used.

You might try some new things due to opportunity. You may find there’s 3,000 varieties of sweet peppers, not two! There’s also thousands of types of hot peppers, and tomatoes, and squash, and…! You won’t find the prime tasting Moskvich tomato in most stores.

Many with gardens may also have chickens, a source of fresh eggs. These aren’t just white but many shades of brown, green, blue…a rainbow!

Most consumers have so many choices they get overwhelmed and can’t choose! If you aren’t picky about taste and like things as they are then the local produce section at an ordinary store is good! If you like more variety, check out the food options beyond the grocery store. You might be surprised!

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