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Food Choices: Those Who Want Them, Those Who Give Them

July 16, 2012

As week two of the 8 week challenge gets underway I’m going to challenge readers to talk to a farmer. Now I get that not everyone has the ability to drop everything and run off to the country. That’s alright! You can do this one from where you are right now.

Tomorrow night, 7-9 p.m. CST join us on Twitter for #foodchat – it’s free, and it’s a chance to take part in voicing your perspective as well as hearing from others. You see, every Tuesday at that time slot normally is #agchat – which I’d also greatly encourage you to drop into any time! The third Tuesday is set aside to talk food, thus #foodchat which can have a variety of topics. Sometimes it might be a nutrition expert, or about grilling, or wine or any other topic about food. #Agchat also often talks food, but is more geared to the production of it.

In this way you can visit a farmer from anywhere! Ask them questions. There are small farms, organic, conventional and large farms all present, as well as some folks who aren’t directly in growing but are in an agriculture related job.

This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with and talk to farmers using social media. You can ask questions about the latest food headlines, or about concerns you have or other issues. Perhaps you’re concerned about pesticides or hormone use or other issues that too often leave consumers confused. If you have something wrong with your car do you ask a mechanic, an author or a dentist? Doesn’t it make sense to ask the person who works with cars every day? The same principle applies. Ask the people who grow popcorn, tomatoes, chickens, cattle, hogs, cotton – the many agriculture products that surround us all.

#Foodchat  #AgChat  You might be surprised what you learn.


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