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Farmers Talking & Growing Food

July 17, 2012

Facebook grew faster than television. For people and businesses, Facebook resources are a bridge. It’s a way to connect to people that are friends of friends we may not meet other ways. It’s a way to connect to our favorite brands and favorite interests. It’s a way to broaden our horizons. Think food. Think connection. Think of having not 1, not 10 but dozens of farmers not only interested in what you have to say and what you think, but ready and willing to engage in conversation that helps you understand why food is produced the way they do it.

There’s large operations and small. Fast food and slow food. Gourmet and budget. Food choices! Farm choices!

Here are some resources available for people to ask questions about farming, about how a specific crop is grown, about why they do what they do. Keep in mind sometimes it may take hours or a day or more for some to answer so don’t give up hope if there’s no answer in a few minutes! Even with technology farmers have days answering that post just has to wait!

So where do you look on Facebook? Here are some places to start!

Just Farmers is a site started and run by farmers interested in connecting with you. If you have questions, this private page will try to help you find direct answers.

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers was set up to bridge the gap between farmers and “just consumers” who have questions about how their food is produced. This is a larger forum with financial backing of agriculture business, which provides a much larger forum. Still, it’s composed of ordinary farmers taking part, with “Food Dialogues” on various topics held at various times, streamed online.

The Truth About Agriculture was started as a place people could go to for direct answers to questions. A variety of farmers from ‘traditional’ to ‘modern/conventional’ check in often, started and moderated by farmers.

The Food You Eat – Information and general tips and tricks about food.

I Am Agriculture Proud – Why do we do what we do? It’s not just for money, and here’s a chance to connect with farmers and ranchers of all kinds.

Agriculture Everyday is still another free opportunity to connect with farmers.

These are all opportunities to talk with others that raise food, whatever food types you eat. Take advantage of it!!

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