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Why Do Farmers Do That?

July 18, 2012

Do you wonder how your food is produced? There is so much in the headlines do you wish there was a farmer to ask directly? How much is true, how much isn’t?

If you want to know how a car runs it pays to ask a mechanic. If you want to know how the body works a doctor can make a better picture. And if you want to know how food is grown, much more accuracy can be given by someone who grows the food that you eat.

We’ve covered Twitter and Facebook, and through organizations like the AgChat Foundation, U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance and Just Farmers, social media is used more all the time. It provides a connection between those who eat and those who grow it.

Increasingly there are farmers maintaining blogs that show what they do on the farm. We have our ‘sister blog’ at SlowMoneyFarm but there are many, many more available in all types of agriculture. If you visit JustFarmers there is a connection to bare bones honest people. A “Follow Farmer” link on that site will connect you to blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages of farmers of all sizes, types of management and crops or animals.

Another convenient one stop spot is Farmer Bloggers – you can read about crops, dairy, hogs, chickens and more from many bloggers all in one location.

Interested in the top 50 farm blogs according to Seametrics? Or perhaps the Farm Bureau may have some different perspectives and answers.

Blogs can paint a bigger picture, and these sites can introduce you to the ones that perk your interest no matter what your food choices. Check them out, look through the offerings and explore a world that may be unfamiliar but is waiting to hear from you more than you know. Many find themselves invited to farms to see in person how things are run.

Farmers are busy, but interested in what consumers want. For every food choice there are farmers to fill it…and eager to talk about what they do. Give it a try. Turn off the television and spend an hour or so reading, ask questions if you have them, subscribe to some that you find interesting.

You might be surprised where it leads.

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