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Meeting Farmers On Other Social Media

July 19, 2012

We have a wide range of social media options out there and many of us use them on a regular basis!

Pinterest is gaining and food is one of the obsessions – err…categories! Recipes, how it’s grown, gardening and a wide  range of things are easy to browse for those of us who love visual things! There are also farmers – after all many are wives, mothers, sisters…we share this planet! Pinterest seems to heavily favor women interest but there are men who venture in as well. And guys – if it’s too feminine for you there try checking out Dudepins – no I’m not making this up, honest!

Youtube has become a video bonanza. Did you know you can ‘visit’ farms with video tours on Youtube? There are food chefs, garden tips, do it yourself and a whole lot more – and hundreds of chances to connect with farmers. See a modern large dairy farm, or a small operation. Seeing and asking questions is welcome from most farms.

These forums may be familiar to many, but there’s another that is a great option for those with questions who don’t know where to turn. Quora provides a chance to connect with farmers with questions. Some ask about the difference between grass fed and feedlot beef, or the color of shells on eggs. It’s a chance to ask questions and get a variety of answers and there are many sections that vary from agriculture to zoos!

Where consumers are online there are farmers attempting to be there. If I haven’t touched on your favorite social media tool here, where is it you’d like to contact farmers?

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