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What Are Your (Local) Expectations?

July 24, 2012

Why do you decide to do (or not do) something? There is usually a reason, an expectation, something you’re looking to gain (or avoid) or you wouldn’t make a decision. Take a few minutes today and look at what are your expectations when you think of purchasing local food?

For some it may be food that is fresher. It may be reducing the shipping on a national or global basis. It may be a chance to stand face to face with the farmer that grew the food you just bought to take home for your family. It may be because you saw or heard something. There are many reasons people decide to go local, and yours may match or may be something else entirely!

With that carefully examine your expectations to prevent being let down. Many think local will last longer – and it might, or might not! Many think it’s healthier – but there are management risks that are factors in addition to transportation. There are many good reasons for buying food locally, and it might be just personal preference. That’s ok!

If you’re dedicated to buying locally have you really considered all aspects of it? Will you make exceptions for bananas, coconuts, pineapple if those things aren’t produced where you live, or are they banished from your diet? If you live in a climate with near year round growing, it’s much easier to eat from the garden than someone who lives in northern Minnesota!

There are thousands of brands, choices and food options at your disposal in the grocery store. If the brand of cookie you like for snacks is made 500 miles away, will you swear off cookies except for ones you make at home? Are you in a location you can purchase all food items you need if you can’t grow it yourself?

Look at your typical grocery list. What alterations will you need to make in order to eat locally? What would you have to do without? What exceptions are you willing to make, if any, in order to follow a local choice shopping plan?

Thinking about the ‘holes’ stirs choice – can you make do, or do without, or make an exception. Again there’s no right or wrong answer here – just examining your preferences for your kitchen and home!

Food choices are, after all, for everyone.


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