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Where Do I Find Local Food?

July 25, 2012

Many are familiar with where your local farmer’s market is. Some may frequent chain stores, entrusting them to make their local quest easier. But where do you find a variety of foods locally?

One way is using the internet. Websites like Pick-A-Pepper offer a chance to browse by food item and by zip code. This allows you to search from wherever you are and find food in your local area.

Another popular website is Local Harvest. Like Pick-A-Pepper you can search by area. You can find community supported agriculture, farmers markets, local food venders and more.

The USDA website has a section that allows you to search for Farmer’s Markets from 5-200 miles from your home.

Still another way is using the keywords “local food <your area>” to find opportunities.

A small but growing option is SmallFarmCoOp, where you can support small farms and get a listing to find food contacts in your area. There are also options for buying gifts, which helps support farms you may be too far from to purchase food from.

Many folks are unaware of the extension service system, which in many areas is associated with the 4-H programs. They also have a wide range of nutrition and food safety information available on their website for free.

All of these can be valued resources, depending on what you’re looking for and where you are at. For local food, they reach into homes and farms in your area much more personally than many surveys can.

Do some checking into opportunities. Turn the television off and look at what you can do with community support of agriculture in your area. Growing your own food is an option, but one many don’t have for whatever reason. There are still options!

Explore the food map – you might be surprised what you find!

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