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Local Year Round

July 27, 2012

As we approach the end of the week, those who are sincerely interested about making a commitment to local eating may have another obstacle in their path. Whether you grow your own, buy from others or have it grown for you, local food is not year round for many parts of the country. Those in Florida or southern California may have an easier time coaxing year round production than someone in northern Michigan or the plains states!

Yes there are greenhouse options, which can be expensive. There are other options – those that gave rise to companies like Campbell’s and more. You preserve it.

In years past the garden bounty was met with canning, often in already hot kitchens! Drying is another way to preserve food, and most of us today can preserve food by freezing. This has been left to food processing companies, many of whom are now criticized for taking on the job of processing in large amounts, saving people time and effort.
However it happens, you need to think of and allow for eating all year round. We can eat poultry any month during the year, and ham is no longer just for special occasions. But for those interested in eating local exclusively, there is a consideration to provide for yourself for up to six months of the year!

Most people aren’t interested in fasting for six months and with modern food handling conveniences you don’t have to! However, without planning it can be a long year until the spring greens come in again!

Consider not just meats and vegetables, but fruits, herbs and other foods that make meals worth it! You may decide to get dozens of canning jars and preserve all your own food, or may decide to freeze or dry some and fill in with things from the store. As with most decisions, eating local has many facets – considering them all makes it easier for you and for your family.

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