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What Are Your Processed Food Except Fors?

August 2, 2012

When Connor does his chores it’s become a standard question of what about the except fors. For example, he’ll say “I watered all the chicken pens” then when checking “except for the ducks.” Or “I rotated all the dogs outside” (except for Blue, Girl, Spot and Diva). 🙂 So when it’s that much a part of things, it’s easy to ask it for other topics.

So you’ve decided to cut back or eliminate processed food in your diet…except for (what)? What items could you not do without or you don’t want to do without? Here that might be spicy chicken fingers – either prepared whole or diced up with onions, peppers, potatoes it’s an easy meal on “agchat night”. It’s not something we eat all the time, but is easier and cheaper than ordering out when time is short.

What items are on your “except for” list? Perhaps it’s a favorite creamer in your coffee or a hurry up dish you fix or comfort food that reminds you of another place or time. Perhaps you look at all things considered and find there are no except fors – you’re dedicated to tossing the processed food habit. Perhaps there’s a handful of products that just make life easier for you and in moderation you’re ok with them being processed elsewhere.

Perhaps you have multiple teens and making a couple loaves of bread per day doesn’t fit into your day. Look honestly at your lifestyle, time and situation. What can you eliminate or substitute? What are you ok with? What will you use up and not buy again? What will you make at home rather than buy at the store? Dehydrated onions can be made into onion flakes or even onion powder. No additives just onions.

Examples – you might love salsa, but find a deal on tomatoes and peppers, and elect to make a few dozen jars of your own to put up. You can preserve a jar per week for quite some time, and not buy that at the store. Or you might start home cooking most meals, but find it tough to get the family on board without condiments they’re used to (and that may change in time! take steps if needed!). Or you may draw a line – use up what you have now and not buy more, no exceptions.

Food choices include not only what you select but what you don’t buy is a choice. It’s not personal to not want Hunt’s ketchup or commercial made  mayonnaise – it’s a choice.

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