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Trying New Things – Week 5 SlowMoneyFarm Challenge

August 6, 2012

Most readers of these challenge posts are looking at changes. For whatever reason – and the reasons may be as diverse as the readers! – you want a change for your family or yourself in what you eat. Perhaps that’s organic, or not. Whatever food choices you’re exploring, it will likely involve trying new things.

Trying new things keeps meals from being boring. Here are five easy ways to keep trying new things.

1. Try your familiar favorites in a new way. If you love eggs in the morning try one poached rather than scrambled. Try casseroles or other simple changes to add a little variety.

2. Reduce salt, increase herbs. Retrain your taste buds. People often criticize food manufacturers for using too much sodium, but reach for the salt shaker without tasting the food to see if it needs seasoned! Use seasonings, pepper and other mixtures to add flavor without salt.

3. Try one new recipe per week. There are tens of thousands of recipes online. There are probably many in cookbooks you haven’t tried. Dig those old cookbooks out and browse through them. Find recipes that look interesting and add one per week.

4. Try browsing ethnic cookbooks or cooking sites. Perhaps you love authentic Mexican or Indian food. Or perhaps in reading family history you wonder about what some of the dishes your ancestors ate in other countries were. Explore the food map! Many use inexpensive ingredients but offer a variety!

5. Try one new food per month. Just one. Perhaps jicama caught your eye in the produce department, or molasses or muscadines look tempting. Take a chance and try them. You might find a new food love!

Trying new things doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just one thing per week. You can do it!

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