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Try Something New – Whole Meats

August 7, 2012

Somewhere along the line in a quest for convenience we think everything is boneless. Certainly boneless is convenient, but are you willing to learn to debone it yourself?

Chicken, duck, rabbit and other small meat options can more easily be used up, by a single person or a small family, than a beef steer or hog. Of course there are options for both, but many folks overlook the smaller animals. Chicken is a popular food, fixed many different ways.
Rabbit is another option. It’s high protein, healthy dense meat that takes on seasoning well. There are some things people don’t like – the small bones, the “cute” factor of bunnies and the seeing rabbits as pets rather than a multipurpose animal that can be food, provide fiber, fur and much more. The best demonstration of deboning a rabbit bar none:

Five minutes and there is little waste. Of course, it’s equally clear he has razor sharp knives and has done this a few times before!

Duck is another meat that many aren’t familiar with. It appears to be “like chicken” – after all they’re both birds. Here’s a video on cutting up a duck:

And cooking (with a chef even!) –

So in cutting up smaller meat animals you will have bones. Don’t throw it away. Use the remains  of the bones for making stock (you could do this with beef bones too).

This stretches your dollars further – a meal with the meat, a soup with the stock. And it’s quality meat that you choose, prepared in your kitchen. Try some new things! You can buy duck and rabbit at many stores but make the effort to buy them direct. After all, it’s your food choices!


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