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SlowMoneyFarm Challenge – Buying Direct

August 8, 2012

What are food choices if we settle? As we’ve looked at processed food, local food and other food options, hopefully you’ve evaluated your preferences and made some food choices! (You can always back up and review these – they’ll be here for reference!)

For those who want to try new, consider buying direct. This is one thing we offer, but it’s available as an option even for those too far from us. Food choices mean farm choices – there are farmers willing to raise what you want, within reason.

Many people seek to buy direct by going to farmer’s markets or signing up for a CSA. Others take on farm shares, allowing for a part of the harvest.

Here are some other options – purchase directly from a farmer. Look at county and state fairs – many of the 4-H and youth projects, particularly the steers, wethers, barrows and other meat pens, will be available for sale. For those not familiar with farming terms that is the terms for castrated male bulls, goats or sheep and hogs.

Rabbit and chicken can often be grown by small farms with attention to detail. Duck may be a little harder to find, but there are many ways to find someone to provide what you want to buy.

Don’t overlook buying direct for fruits, nuts and vegetables – you may find a great deal to preserve food yourself. Buying direct can give you quality food, and it puts a few more dollars in a farmer’s pocket. It eliminates the middleman that makes many decisions for those who buy at the store.

For many, there is nothing wrong with buying food at the local grocery store. However, if you’re interested in a more direct means of finding your food, you may have additional information about how and where your food was raised.

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