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Seasonal – Commercial, Home Grown, Direct Purchase

August 23, 2012

No matter what food choices you make, including seasonal, you have the options of buying at the store, home grown, direct purchase and a host of other choices. It might be relying on what you grow for food, with purchased food as a “just in case” (and the thankful knowledge that other farmers provided for shortfalls!). It might be buying at the store, but exploring just what seasonal is and choosing that which is in season.

This can vary widely depending on what your personal goal is for your food choices. If you seek to support farmers directly – awesome! Rather than “lecture” you or tell you here’s a little project for yourself. Look at when these items are harvested as “in season”:











Most of the “seasonal” eating is focused on fruits and vegetables but to a large degree there is a “season” to others. Many dairies calve in the spring and summer; chickens lay more in the spring and summer than in winter, when production naturally drops with the shorter days.

Check on what seasonal will mean to your food choices and lifestyle. Applying ideas to your situation is much better isn’t it?!

I’m attending the Agvocacy 2.0 Conference this week, so we have a short week for the blog, but more to make up and share! Stay tuned!

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