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SlowMoneyFarm 8 Week Challenge – Empower Your Choices

August 28, 2012

Over the last eight weeks through these posts we’ve explored a variety of food choices. From local to no preservatives, organic to common sense the food choices are many. Now this week it’s a special decision time – what combination works for you? What have you tried that works, that doesn’t work, and that maybe could work with some effort?

The point isn’t to condemn food you don’t like, but to choose that which you prefer, whatever that may be. Some may embrace meatless Mondays while others rebel against it. Some may renew themselves to 8-10 months of the year eating as much local as they can and preserving their own, while others may seek to explore what’s behind that food on the shelves at the store.

You may decide to watch portions and preservatives, while someone else buys meats direct from a farm. This week we implement the various strategies and choices, whatever they are, in each of your homes. There’s homemade cooking and convenience – and sometimes both are the same!

Food choices aren’t going to be the same for 308million people + and it’s a good thing! No farmer could supply that many people, but all farmers depend on *your* food choices! That includes the contract chicken grower and the CSA, the small farm and the large one – all supply food choices. All depend on the choices of all of those people who eat on a regular basis.

Empowering and embracing food choices is a big focus of what we do. From a farm standpoint, obviously we put action to that. However, even if we have 150 people sign up (which is doubtful to have a rush hour like that!) we then need to cut off the line – we can’t handle an infinite amount of demand.

That said, there are many, many farms that are also seeking to empower food choices by providing them. Go back a few weeks, contact those farmer lists. Find and embrace food choices. It’s one of the most personal things you can do for your life and your family.

Make your own food choices.

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