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Beyond the SlowMoneyFarm 8 Week Challenge

August 31, 2012

For the last eight weeks during this challenge there’s been a variety of information presented – from local to organic, from getting to know farmers to stretching your food choices, from processed to homemade.

Food choices affect everyone in the home. It affects our communities, it affects agriculture and it affects our nation. It’s harvest season for many things, and approaching it for others. It’s a time for fall gardens and before long we’ll be in the holiday food rush. The turkeys and hams you’re serving for holiday dinners are being grown right now by farmers around the USA.

In review, if you’ve followed along in this series, you’ve hopefully taken action and thought about things. You’ve considered not just what works for you but what you can *do* about it. Action means empowerment. You’re not helpless and wringing your hands about news articles about food recalls, GMO food, Monsanto or other fear factor issues but you’re empowering yourself to make choices and take action to support the food production that you want. This creates change.

If three million people today visited this blog and said “YES I want food choices” we could not possibly fill it, but we *could* pass the word along to every farmer we know who would be happy to fill the food choices you want! That’s still a very, very small part of the eating public. If we have 30 million saying food choices matter to them find me a farmer guess what…THAT changes agriculture because there’s someone out here waiting to fulfill your food choices.

We all have food choices. What will you do to empower yours? What effort will you make to take control of your food budget and food supply? What will you do to alter the price and convenience alone choice that face so many people? Before demanding that everyone eat the same consider this…can you feed yourself and 20 others on that choice? Not everyone can afford to have their lower cost choice eliminated, but if enough choose something else, it allows all to have choices.

Empower food choices. What will you do today to empower yours? Next week? Next month?

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