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5 Ways to Get Kitchen Help

September 10, 2012

Even if we love to cook, who doesn’t like to make the most of our time? Here’s five ways to make the most of kitchen time.

1. Use those timesaving appliances! Dig them out, make use of them. While having an afternoon to bake, have bread in the breadmaker, dinner in the slowcooker and goodies in the oven. This makes maximum use of time when you’re mixing and working in the kitchen anyway.

2. Let kids help. Many say kids don’t eat healthy, Kids don’t do anything but watch tv and play video games. Teach them! Find age appropriate things to do and make learning fun. This doesn’t mean give a  5 year old a sharp knife to cut up nuts with! They can, however, ‘help’ measuring ingredients. Learning to cook and bake is a lifelong skill.

3. Making baked goods? Make an extra dozen cookies to freeze for the holidays…If you do this regularly you’ll have cookies you can pull out for unexpected school or other events that require time, often when you don’t have it.

4. When freezing garden produce, color code and measure your bags. For example, when I’d use 2 cup measurements I put some red diced peppers in, A cup and a half was some yellow, where just a cup was green only. This made it easy to reach in the freezer, grab the right amount and it’s pre-measured. Look for ways to do this with other items.

5. Plan ahead. Right now make up cookie mix recipes and muffin recipes. As the holidays approach and get busier, you’ll have premade/premeasured bagged or in a jar recipes to add the liquid ingredients and oil to and bake.

We can’t make the days longer, but we can manage our time and resources efficiently!

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