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March 13, 2013

Rabbit meat is lean, high protein, low cholesterol…here’s some information about rabbit meat.

Food, Farm, Life Choices

Why rabbit? Why not rabbit? Many object to eating rabbits with childhood innocence – it’s Bugs Bunny or Roger Rabbit. Or the Easter Bunny! We can’t eat rabbit…and enjoy it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fact is many do, and chefs celebrate rabbit. It feeds rich and poor alike. Rabbit meat is lean, and not only healthy for you but I thought I’d take a look at how we price it, and what it is priced at commercially.  Some think it’s just a small animal – doesn’t eat much right?

It’s true rabbits are small, and eat less than a cow or sheep. But the rabbit is a 10-12 pound animal that can produce eight 5 pound fryers – that’s forty pounds of meat – every three months. She can easily do this four times per year, six if pressed. That puts her at 160-240 pounds of meat from a 12 pound animal in…

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