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Panera antibiotic advertisements are terribly misleading

August 3, 2013

Our sister blog at SlowMoneyFarm had a recent post about lazy farmers, but this covers the claims many make about meats and how it affects the food supply. Worth a read!

Hurd Health: Animal Health and Food Safety

I was a pretty big fan of Panera – until last week.  Their iced coffee can really brighten up my day!  However, earlier this year, they started a promotional campaign that purports that their meat is better because it was raised without antibiotics (antibiotic free = ABF). Besides the fact they insulted farmers by inferring they were lazy in their EZ Chicken campaign (which has since been only partially removed), Panera and many companies may be committing more errors than they realize.

First, they are misleading the public by inferring that most chicken is pumped full of antibiotics. Most meat chickens only live six weeks and don’t need much or any preventive medicine. Laying hens, those who make eggs as shown in the Panera advertisement, are not allowed any human-type antibiotics while laying eggs.

Second, Panera infers that antibiotic free meat somehow tastes better than conventional meat. This is…

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