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A Sip of Tradition

September 4, 2013

While many enjoy wine, or milk, or other refreshment from agriculture, some prefer whisky – traditionally the water of life in Scotland. A look at whisky!

Food, Farm, Life Choices

Recently I came across a book called “Let Me Tell You About Whisky” – curious, I ordered a preview copy on Netgalley, which leads to reading today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow I get that some folks never drink a drop, and others drink too much. Occasionally a sip hits the spot, sometimes with soda, sometimes not. I have tried a few kinds over the years, and with spending more time in Kentucky and Tennessee – well, it’s home to several traditional spirits. Some are explored in this book, which offers a description and visual from whiskies around the world. Many think of Scotland, Ireland, US and sometimes Canada when it comes to whisky – or whiskey if you prefer (as my spellchecker does!).

How about Japan? Australia? The book offers a chance to explore! India, Finland and other regions where many folks may not be thinking whisky. Wheat, corn, rye are…

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