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Eggs, the Forgotten Protein

October 28, 2013

We love eggs – brown shells, white shells, blue or green shells! Our friend David Hayden pays homage to the egg – and I thought it was worth a share! Enjoy!

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EggsIf you really stop and think, they’re pretty hard to avoid.  Eggs, they’re EVERYWHERE from breads to pizza dough and even some ice creams.  During my vegan adventure they were the hardest thing to avoid!  First off, who doesn’t like some sort of eggs for breakfast?  You can have them poached, scrambled, over easy, omelet style, fried….. well, you get the picture.  I think it’s safe to say they might just be America’s go to breakfast staple.

Though they may not be served up directly on your plate they’re in just about all of the other breakfast foods that lots of people enjoy like pancakes, muffins and even toast!  It makes me think eggs are sort of the overlooked protein.

Some of you are probably asking “Why is the meat geek talking so much about eggs?” Well, I and a few other Ag bloggers have teamed up with the American…

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