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How Was Your Thanksgiving Turkey Raised?

November 26, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are many ways a turkey might get to your Thanks giving table. Most common is buying one at the grocery store. My friend Lara promotes poultry, including turkeys. She’s even getting to present the official turkey to the President.

How turkeys are raised for the holiday is, too often, misrepresented. While we are small scale here, the majority in those grocery store freezers and coolers were produced at a larger farm. Here’s a look at processing turkeys for that market:

We’re smaller scale here, and while our birds have outdoor access, it doesn’t stop misconceptions. Turkeys are so stupid they’ll look up at rain and drown…not true! Our turkeys have access to rain right now and are fine…as they have been for two years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATurkeys are smarter than many give them credit for – and can be more aggressive! When we approach a young group of turkeys it’s akin to being greeted by a group of Trex in how they run to us, eager to get the first bites!

For those who want something different, a heritage or rare breed bird gives another taste and view. Think of it as not just celebrating history but eating it! Our Midget Whites, for example, can trace back decades. Some others have been known for a century or more – different from the broad breasted many have become familiar with. This is a breed developed as there were smaller families, less need for leftovers and a smaller bird demanded. They have white feathers like commercial birds but that’s where the similarities end.

Getting a heritage bird means planning ahead. Waiting until this time of year is not advised – IF you find one it’ll cost!  We’ll take orders for next year, and begin raising those birds in April.

If you’re interested, book now as there will be a limited number raised due to space! Good feed, no debeaking or crowding in our birds, and like all no added hormones or antibiotics

There are many ways to get your bird, but Thanksgiving is a tradition that is uniquely North American. Many skip turkeys and go for a goose, duck or other meal. We have those options too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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