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Guest Blog: Jenny Dewey – Where Your Steak Comes From

January 23, 2014

Some good info on beef and buying direct. With prices going up, buying direct from the farm may be an option for many.

The Beef Jar

Chico Locker and Sausage Company in Chico, CA is an icon to foodies, hunters and ranchers alike. The Locker is a family business run by the Dewey family. And let me tell you what, the Deweys know meat, and are renowned for their quality and quantity of meat and meat products. They are very active in the community, especially in the agricultural community. In fact, one of my first memories of Dave Dewey is when he custom exempt slaughtered a beef for us at a 4-H beef meeting. Dave is the processor in the blog that caused me all the drama. Jenny is Dave’s daughter, she very graciously dedicated her talent, knowledge and time into writing one of the most comprehensive blogs I’ve read recently. I hope Jenny will guest blog for me again, I learned so much! Also if you get the chance, stop in and check out…

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