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The 3-1-2-1 Diet Review

January 30, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinding solutions to weight issues isn’t always easy. There’s low fat, no fat, raw, and a lot of other diets that, if they worked for everyone, would be the last one ever needed.

In full disclosure, I reviewed my copy on NetGalley. With that, the copying of many of the charts and things wasn’t possible, but several questions echoed as I read through. I first saw Dolvett Quince on the Biggest Loser that a friend was on. I don’t have a desire to go on the show, and don’t have that much to lose. Some, yes, to be honest. Like many Americans, desk jobs, injuries, illnesses and other things add pounds with the combination of lack of exercise and overeating. I’ve read a lot of diet books.The last one you’ll ever need books. I think of something Richard Simmons said decades ago – the first three letters of diet is die and we want to live.

I saw my friend lose an incredible amount of weight and the difference it’s made for him. Personally, I requested a preview partly for that, partly wanting to find a way to accelerate what I’m doing on my own.A few challenges loom- picky palate, some injuries and some personal issues. I think this is more than a diet book. It’s a lifestyle book.

It’s for this reason I’d highly recommend it. Personally I need to find a way to tweak some things,but it’s doable. It focuses on what you can do and have rather than a long list of forbidden never-have-again items. It has common sense things that, yes, perhaps have appeared in other books but – and this is a big but – it’s also implementing mental preparation. Those messages we tell ourselves, old tapes or things we allow to discourage and give up.

I might go so far to include those who look at it for 10 minutes, discount it without trying it and return it. If we buy a book to get advice, it seems like giving an honest chance for it to work or not is fair. Spending $20-30 isn’t going to result in toning up and losing weight. A lot of people have $20-30 but don’t lose the weight because they don’t want it badly enough. If we want something enough we find a way to make it happen, no excuses. I could easily toss it aside to and say well this and this and this won’t work for me. OK – what about the other 250 pages?!

So I’ll get a copy in print and will give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen…it doesn’t work? I spend 30 hours a month getting exercise that has helped others? Well, it seems if that’s the case then I’m no worse off than I  am now. I liked the book and will give it a try.


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