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Some Like It Hot – Peppers That Is!

April 2, 2014

Who loves peppers? This is a crossover post from our farm blog.

Food, Farm, Life Choices

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For many, a pleasant, peppery taste of sweet peppers in a casserole or salad is enough of a pepper taste. Others like a little more! If this is you, check out our “Hot Stuff” and “Some Like It Hot” perks/rewards on our crowdsourcing project ! With purple and early Jalapeno just a couple of the hot peppers that we have started, we look forward to some spicy treats this summer, fall and beyond.

Peppers offer not just flavor but nutritional benefits and health benefits.

As I was recently planting habanero and Hungarian hot seeds, and getting ready to transplant banana hot pepper starts, these define the idea that a little bit will do. Vitamins and capsaicin – what makes hot peppers hot – have benefits you can get without blistering your lips!

Pepper relish – chopped up peppers in pint jars – take center in the Hot Stuff perk –…

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