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Catching Up From the Farm

June 23, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApologies dear readers for the lapse in posts. I could give many reasons – busy on farm stuff, events, a bit of overwhelm, needing a little time to regroup and several other points…all true, but everyone has “those months.” This has certainly been mine!

It’s not all bad…stress and change doesn’t have to be bad. Sometimes it brings things down to basics – watching what we eat, drinking plenty of cold water (especially in the heat!), getting enough rest and exercise.

Sometimes it just comes to having to say “wait…time out…break time…” and take it and that’s what happened here. The gardens are growing, with tomatoes ripening and the first banana hot peppers already harvested. Heirloom tomatoes and peppers are growing for later harvest.

And I’m watching food prices, like many. Lettuce, as I thought, has gone up – $1.80 per head at our local store. Meat prices are rising also – and as much as we want to separate agriculture from food sometimes, it’s linked and hard wired together.

For those who have joined recently and are perhaps not aware, SlowMoneyFarm (host of this blog, but focusing on food rather than production!) is a direct sale place in northwest Alabama. We do custom food choices, and with that, we talk to people, listen to ideas and try to provide options.

Tomatoes, peppers, Israeli breakfast melon, glass corn, herbs and several other things are planted here and growing, as well as some corn for the chickens that provide eggs for us and our customers. We rely on customer support, like many small places struggling to find their way balancing demand with price.

Still it’s not that different, in some ways, from large food processing and growing facilities but with one major difference. We don’t have hundreds of people working – there’s 3 and much of the time just two! From planting to watering plants and animals to planning new things to day to day operations to marketing we have to do it all.

We don’t take vacations. Time away has been when we can afford to go to an event – which sometimes isn’t often! But we love what we do, and appreciate the support of readers. While the majority of people will never buy from us, those who do keep us going financially much as comments and support here on the blog keep us going with encouragement.

We’ll have some fun things ahead so buckle in, stay tuned and enjoy the tastes of summer!


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