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It’s Baked Bean Month!

July 24, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJuly is also National Baked Bean month, a tribute to an item on many picnic tables at summer get togethers. These are commonly navy beans soaked and stewed in a sauce, similar to pork and beans.

A native North American dish from beans and tomatoes grown together by Native Americans, there are many commercialized beans as well as ways to use them both as a side dish as well as a part of dishes like scrambled eggs and beans over toast.

Many regions have claim to specialty varieties of the dish, such as Jersey beans or Boston baked beans. Quebec-style baked beans are flavored with maple syrup while in Mexico black beans and pinto beans are more common.

Beans are a staple in many dishes as they are inexpensive and filling and there are many ways to fix them.

A few of these include:

Curried baked beans

Baked beans

Maple baked beans

Hot & Smoky Baked beans

Tangy Baked Beans

Skillet baked beans

Slow cooker baked beans

Stove top baked beans

BBQ beans

Boston baked beans

Dry beans can be of various types including navy, pinto, kidney and black beans. Often these are called green beans or snap beans, but are less vigorous than soybeans. High protein these dried beans should be grown on well drained soil in good condition. Rotating with other crops such as corn or wheat is advised.

Harvest when the beans are at 18% moisture, with storing at 15-16% moisture for best results. Appearance of the beans is important for food. Beans are generally grouped by growth type – bush or pole.

A summertime favorite for nutrition and versatility it makes sense to pay tribute at a time they are plentiful in the growing season.

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