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Grilling Variety – What Else Is for Dinner Tonight

July 28, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWithout question beef, pork and chicken are most popular when it comes to grilling. However there’s another level of grilling that awaits with your grill! It’s more challenging, but the rewards are delicious. This is an ideal way to stretch the options of taste with your grill.

Using your grill for more meals makes sense! Consider the variety! There are challenges and tastes you may not have thought of. Lamb, rabbit, elk, bison, salmon and a wide range of other meats are ideal for the grill.

Some of these you can find or purchase locally while others are available in specialty markets online and off.

Your possibilities for variety are greatly expanded. Take alligator fillets, dot with butter and season with onion powder and garlic salt – wrap in foil and grill on medium for 15-20 minutes, turning half way through.

Or try elk, cooked to about 130 Fahrenheit. Chops or sausages are just two options for elk dinner, which is often domestically raised. Bison is another option that is leaner than beef. Due to less fat in the meat these cuts must be cooked a shorter time to insure the best taste.

Still another option is Alaskan salmon. Both fillets and steaks are wonderful on the grill! Smoked salmon is a meal that is good and good for you. Halibut and black cod offer other varieties for fish – wrap in foil, dot with garlic butter and cook to oh-so-yummy treats from the grill!

Grilled lamb and rabbit can be used many ways including in fajitas, lamb chops, rabbit enchiladas and many other tasty treats. Slow, moist cooking does well with these lean meats. Think packets of moist seasoning in foil. Your grill offers options to help get just the right result from even these lean meats.

Don’t overlook stuffed peppers, grilled corn on the cob, grilled onions and a host of other foods to complete your meal. Baked potatoes are easy but there are many more options to use on your grill. Don’t forget dessert!

Place peach halves in foil with a little butter, brown sugar and dash of cinnamon. Wrap up and grill to heat – the grill provides new tastes again!

An ultimate appliance for an ultimate taste experience…light a fire tonight!

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