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Blueberries Are Good Anytime Treat

July 29, 2014
July is National Blueberry Month according to and it’s a great time to find how blueberries can fit into your lifestyle. US blueberries are available April through October with peak production during mid summer.A cup of fresh blueberries offers 1.1g protein 21.45 carbs, 3.6g fiber in 84 calories as well as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin c and much more nutrition! What’s more frozen unsweetened berries are almost as nutritious which allows for freezing to enjoy them throughout the year.

Selection of fresh blueberries is important with firm, plump berries that have a silvery cast to the surface. Most people think of blueberries and it’s in pie, muffins or occasionally ice cream but this is a versatile item that can be served in many ways. Just a few of them include desserts, snacks and breakfast.

Blueberry buckle, lemon blueberry cake, banana-blueberry bread and baked blueberry-pecan French toast with blueberry syrup are just a few ways to enjoy blueberries during the month

Here’s a dozen more ways to celebrate the taste of the season!

1. Blueberry drink syrup for blueberry iced tea
2. blueberry cobbler with blueberry sauce

3. Blueberry coleslaw

4. Blueberry coffee cake

5. blueberry pie

6. blueberry muffins

7. blueberry cream cheese dessert

8. blueberry ice cream pie

9. blueberry graham pancakes

10. easy blueberry pie

11. blueberry ice cream or waffle topping

12. blueberry syrup

The best and tastiest way to celebrate blueberry month of course is trying some regularly! They can also be dried in a food dehydrator for adding to cereal, homemade granola and other treats. Additionally try a berry mix and can it for ice cream topping or for use in winter baking projects.

Blueberries can be grown an a well run blueberry patch can involve 1000 to 1200 plants per acre, and if properly managed the third year will produce 400-800 pounds of blueberries per acre. With proper care and soil these plants can live 15-20 years.

Of course most need far less than a commercial grower. Blueberries require soil that is rich in organic matter due to their shallow root system. Water pooling around the roots can damage the plants as well as getting too dry.

Another factor for blueberries is they require a lower pH to the soil, which means a soil test is needed to determine if needed.

Whether you purchase them, grow them or shop at farmers markets or U-pick operations, celebrate the blueberry!

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