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Gourmet Gift Baskets Made Personal

July 30, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGift baskets can be a great idea but if giving edible food make sure you know your recipient. I recall some years ago someone sent my boss a beautiful cheese and meat basket with summer sausage and yummy cheeses…not knowing he was a vegetarian. The company staff was treated to the basket, but probably not the result the giver had in mind. Equally an error can be giving a nut basket to someone allergic to nuts. If you aren’t absolutely sure stick with gourmet non-food items in gift baskets.

Here’s some ideas for baskets for the people on your list. For the creative don’t overlook making these up yourself which can save a great deal of money and give a bigger gift basket!

1.If a woman is the recipient and you need a non-food solution, many women say their ideal stocking stuffer is a day at the spa. The closest to that in gift basket form is a spa gift basket. Country Gourmet Gift Baskets has an Essential Healing Spa Luxuries gift basket that can be a spa right in her own home. NASCAR lovers will enjoy a special gift box for that interest.

2. Is there an adventurous eater or grillmaster on your list? Check out for their bison gift packs. From sirloin and bison filet mignon to a burger and brat pack it’s made with all natural bison meat. You can also get elk, ostrich, emu and American lamb. There’s even bison bones for man’s best friend.

3.For a sweeter and healthier start to the year a gourmet raw honey gift set is an economical and naturally pure gift that can be used on biscuits or muffins, in tea or in many other ways. At under $30 for three 8 ounce jars this is not heated or filtered. The bees provide pollination on organic farms in Maryland, and this is just one of several honey gift baskets at the LocalHarvest site.

4. Gourmet cheese baskets are another popular item and artisan cheeses such as smoked salmon cheddar cheese are among those in gift baskets of various sizes. There are also other featured tastes in the gourmet gift basket world such as coffee baskets, tea baskets, fruits, nuts, chocolate baskets and those that cater to particular interests or sports. There’s even sugar free and heart healthy baskets for those with health issues.

5. If you like these ideas but think you can put a basket together cheaper you possibly can. This makes the homemade gift basket among the most special not only for the value of the giver but the time and thought to personalizing it makes it special to the receiver.

Gourmet gift baskets can serve many tastes -find the one for your favorite person!

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