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Fried Chicken Beyond the South

July 31, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANational Fried Chicken day was earlier in July and what better time to celebrate the meal and take a look at this dish. According to ThePoultrySite it actually is Malaysia that leads in domestic per capita consumption of chicken at 32 kg per person. It is popular and inexpensive and available, with fried chicken leading the way. Fried chicken that has been coated, breaded and deep fried is criticized for being the unhealthiest but continues to be very popular.

Past and present chicken has been a popular meat. Before refrigeration a flock of chickens could provide eggs and meat and, unlike a beef animal or hog, a chicken could be cleared off with one meal without needing refrigeration or ice.

Southern fried chicken was adapted through Scottish people who settled in the south, more apt to fry rather than baking or boiling as English natives did. As Africans were brought to the south they brought with them spices that were added to the flour or batter. In time poor families, prevented from keeping larger stock, were allowed to keep chickens it allowed gatherings of the black communities when segregation eliminated them eating at restaurants. The meal is commonly thought of as southern without regard to race.

As far back as 1828 a simple recipe of cut up chicken, dredged in flour, seasoned and fried in hot oil appeared in books. There are many variations from removing the skin to double dipping to the type of grease used to cook. Some call for milk or buttermilk batter while others keep it much more simple.

Accompanying a full meal of picnic fare is biscuits, cole slaw and corn on the cob.

Fried chicken #1

Maple Fried Chicken

Simple & Easy Southern Fried Chicken

Southern-Style Fried Chicken

Almost Kentucky Fried Chicken

An American favorite – there’s thousands of recipe variations for fried chicken available online and off. The amount of dietary fat varies widely with this depending on the recipe and if the skin is used. Skinless drops the calories far down below the battered skin on which is also good but one pays for later! Another option for many is frying just enough to put a crust on then baking to cook thoroughly.

The breading keeps the juices in but the fat is absorbed as well. Faster cooking can be achieved with pressure frying. With a long history tied to the American culture fried chicken is here to stay.

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