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Grill the Best Chicken This Summer

August 15, 2014

uncookedchickenlegsMany restaurants offer grilled chicken on the menu but there is nothing like the chicken you can grill on your own grill in the back yard!

Chicken is a versatile meat that at one time was slated for the best of Sunday dinners. Today chicken is a cost effective means of providing taste and protein. Whether you buy direct from the farm or get a deal at the grocery store, chicken is a good option. Fire up the grill for some variety, chicken style!

Combine a can of beer with a tablespoon each of molasses, onion juice and lemon juice then add a half cup ketchup and a little salt and pepper. If you like spicy add a bit of crushed red pepper to taste. Marinate the chicken in this sauce then cook on the grill until done, basting and turning 4-5 times during the cooking process.

An alternative is a bourbon sauce, or using commercially prepared barbecue sauces. Although this is a popular means of preparing chicken don’t stop with just barbecuing!

Consider honey glazed, seasoned with basil and onion powder or southwest style with salsa. Use salad dressings such as Italian with extra seasoning as marinades or a variety of rubs. These are especially wonderful to get them under the skin of the chicken where they flavor the met directly.

A whole chicken can be rubbed down with seasoning and “sat” on a can of beer for grilling that also makes for a lip smacking good meal. On top of the bird put a small potato or onion – steam cooked and it helps hold in the flavors as cooking progresses. Grill over indirect heat for about 2 hours and insure the meat at the thickest part is 180 degrees. Allow it to sit off of heat for about 15 minutes following cooking and you have 4-5 pounds of the tastiest chicken in the neighborhood!

BBQ ChickenLike pork, chicken could also be shredded for sandwiches or add to cooked pasta or rice for an original dish. While many recipes call for chicken breasts you can save money by getting chicken leg quarters. Usually under a dollar a pound in many areas, these provide a cost effective and tasty way to grill for a crowd.

For a totally different taste curry the chicken pieces and prepare a dipping sauce with a can of coconut milk, 3 tablespoons peanut butter, the juice of one lime and a couple tablespoons of brown sugar. Combine the sauce thoroughly and warm over the grill until just simmering as the chicken finishes cooking.

Experiment with chicken and remember turkey can often be cooked in similar ways. Be it basted, rubbed, marinated or just simple seasoned grilled chicken don’t leave the sizzle to beef alone! Easy to prepare, versatile and economical – chicken on the grill means good meals!

Your grill is more than just a grill – it’s the door to culinary adventure!

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