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Grill the Best Beef

August 18, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the most popular meats for the grill is beef. From burgers to steaks to more challenging cuts beef has been an American favorite for generations. There are some important tips that can help you enjoy your beef even more. The smell of beef cooking announces it’s “what’s for dinner” more than any promotional advertisement!

Handling is an important consideration. Safe handling of beef insures it remains a safe nutritious meal. Keep all surfaces clean and utensils in good condition. Be sure to watch the temperature. While some like their steak “walk across the grill” rare others like it well done. For many medium is a tasty moderation. Cooked until heated through, pink center and yet still juicy. Many grill masters advise searing is the key. This involves high heat to sear the meat, which locks the juices inside, maintaining flavor and tenderness. Once seared it is then turned down for cooking. The grill can handle searing and cooking with equal ability.

Start with the best meat you can get. Truly the best results come from the best meats. Ideally there will be small streaks of fat through the meat if you like “juicy” as the fat is what adds moistness and tenderness. Leaner cuts work great too but adjust your grill to avoid overcooking.

Experiment! Seasonings, marinades, rubs and new techniques make for memorable meals that you just can’t get anywhere else. Baste steaks with sauces. Mix barbeque and steak sauce and mix into ground beef, form thin patties then make stuffed burgers…put a slice of cheese on a burger, another thin burger on top and press together to seal the edges. Some also use ranch dressing or other tastes instead of cheese.

Trying new ways with beef can often yield rewards but don’t overlook simple. Combine some fresh oregano, parsley and basil in oil, brush on the steaks and allow sitting briefly before grilling with pepper strips. Tasty and easy! Serve steaks topped with grilled sweet peppers or basted with garlic butter and steak sauce. Grilled steak strips are also yummy over salads or rice.

Be patient! Medium heat is plenty for grilling beef. Too hot and it gets charred without cooking – lower the heat and cook thoroughly to desired doneness. When it comes to good meats use tongs, not forks. Remember once you sear your cut each time you pierce it there’s a means for drying out your steak as it cooks. Resist the temptation!

The grill is an excellent choice for beef. You can barbecue, sear steaks, grill, bake and smoke with one appliance. This offers an unparalleled grilling experience you just have to try.

Experience grilling beef and the range of tastes possible that bring the flavor of the range to wherever you and your grill are.

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