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Labor Day Potluck Recipe

August 24, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALabor day weekend is the time for get-togethers, whether with friends or family. Not everyone wants to foot the bill for food for all and in today’s economy many can’t afford to. The solution: a pot luck Labor Day. No matter you income, this is a great way to share a meal in a new way.

Labor Day pot luck recipes need not be expensive. Here is a Labor Day pot luck recipe that has been a winner on many occasions, and is well suited to a pot luck as it can be made and transported to the get together, then warmed over the grill to serve hot.

Combine 1 pound ground beef with a half pound ground lamb and half pound ground turkey. Mix the meats together thoroughly than add a cup or so of a “spicy bold” BBQ sauce (generic is fine here) or ¾ can sloppy joe sauce, some diced onions, an egg and enough oatmeal to act as a ‘binder’ forming a loaf when it’s all mixed. Pat into a pan and cook as regular meatloaf 45 minutes at 375F. Take out long enough to top with remaining sloppy joe sauce or a little BBQ sauce and sprinkle with shredded cheese. You’re ready to go now, as the last 15 minutes of cooking can be done warming up on the grill.

Pair the meatloaf with slow cooker scalloped potatoes and fresh late season garden produce grilled and other pot luck donations and it’s a feast for any income level!

No Labor Day pot luck recipe mention would be complete without mention of dessert and there are several that are easy to do. One favorite is using either graham cracker or a baked pie crust (the latter holds up better) make a pie that is a late summer treat. Combine 1/3 cup peanut butter, ½ cup powdered sugar and a small packet of vanilla pudding and press into pie shell. Top with cool whip and drizzle with chocolate, or caramel. Refrigerate overnight to set and chill thoroughly and you’re ready to go to the pot luck! Very rich but probably not much left over!

Memories are made with the company but these recipes are favorites. The meatloaf was rung with endorsements when prepared at a hostel version of a pot luck – international visitors from around the world gathered and all contributed something. One visitor declared it was the best meal he’d had since leaving home on his trip!

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