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Southern Breakfast Easy, Economical

August 30, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA taste of the country can often be conjured up with a real southern style breakfast. Breakfast is important whether as a light snack or a full fledged meal preparing you for the day. Southern breakfast food can be either.

A southern breakfast menu famously has grits where other areas may have oatmeal. Other breakfast items may be French toast, eggs, biscuits and gravy, fruit, muffins, pancakes, waffles and hash browns. Omelette’s are also favorites, usually served with grits, hash browns and toast. Real butter and real, fresh ingredients contribute to the southern cook’s reputation.

Traditionally in the south much was raised on the farm. Past and present it was and is considered one of the “poor parts” of the country. This meant meals that “stick to the ribs” for a day of work, and stretching the budget with biscuits and gravy was a low cost way to make a pound of bacon go further! Add fresh eggs from the hen house and it’s even better.

An omelet is an easy southern meal as it makes use of varying ingredients as well as leftovers. That half cup of ground beef, or leftover ham, diced onion and whatever else is available makes for a morning breakfast. Casseroles are also an easy way to make use of leftover food, have a great southern breakfast and stretch the budget.

A few easy breakfast favorites – the day after I fix chili cheese fries or sloppy Joe’s I plan for a little leftover. Put this in a lightly greased skillet and lightly beat 6 eggs. I use some garlic pepper seasoning, a couple shakes of cinnamon and any other small amounts of leftovers I want to use up. Pour in the pan with the leftover meat cook and stir often – almost constantly – until cooked. Top with a little cheese and it’s a tasty quick meal. Diced ham is also very good here! I’ve also used bacon bits. For those who point to cholesterol, my tested levels are in outstanding shape.

French toast is another treat and one that I can alter. A half dozen eggs, a little milk, cinnamon (yes we use ‘hidden cinnamon’ – good for health!) mixed together thoroughly. Have a pan with just a little bacon grease or vegetable oil hot – dip bread into the egg mixture, turn over then into the pan. Work quickly so the bread doesn’t soak up too much liquid. Cook until light brown and done, serve topped with powdered sugar or maple syrup.

These are very easy breakfast meals to make and allow home cooked meals that are fresh and flavorful, without taking a great deal of time. Southern breakfast items are versatile and can change with seasonal availability and preferences. Have a quick and easy breakfast!

  • Eggs are an easy and nutritious base to a southern breakfast.
  • Moderation and balance is important.
  • Adapt ingredients to what is available.

Did you know -Balance “heavy” dishes with light ones. Moderation helps in all things including diet and health!

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