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Quick, Easy Road Trip Snacks

September 6, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARoad trips and snacking can mean a satisfying appeasement to hunger or a mess in the car! What to snack on is important as well. Candy coated chocolate candies, chips and other such snacks are popular and handy to grab for staving off the road trip munchies but can add pounds as the trip wears on!

Another option is looking for a healthy food on the road either that you prepare and bring with you or quick snacks at truck stops. For those with a time frame to get somewhere, or hauling animals that need to get to a destination, healthy food on the road takes a bigger note in that it might be a substitute for meals. Filling up on empty calories doesn’t help and often doesn’t satisfy hunger.

Instead look for more substantial snacks when you stop to fuel up. Consider meat and cheese snack packs, peanut packs or trail mix or peanut butter crackers. These options are about the same price as a candy bar but with less sugar. Other options – granola bars, breakfast bars and cereal bars. Watch the individual item – in some cases that candy bar is more nutritious!

For those looking to save money or take further control of their snacking consider putting together your own packages. Mini muffins are easy to make at home and putting a half dozen in a zipper close bag keeps them fresh so you have snacks for the trip without having to eat all of them at once. Popcorn can be flavored at home just as well as commercial places do it. Peanuts, nut mixes and even bar snacks can easily be made at home.

Make your own jerky chips. Find a good lean cut of beef and ask the butcher to slice it bacon thick. This allows a flavored marinade to soak in and is thin enough to dry for jerky chips. Some experimenting can also bring forth fish jerky and turkey jerky – both a somewhat leaner option to jerky.

Banana chips, zucchini chips and dried fruit slices are all options for snacks on the road. Easy to make at home, nutritious and useful as well as neater in the car than foods that can result in crumbs, these items can be made with limited preservatives and sugar. Homemade granola is another option either loose or in bars.

Carrot sticks as well as other raw vegetables can be cut into bite sized pieces and provide snacks either as is or in a small container of dip, yogurt or with cheese and meat strips.

Any of these things can be snacked on in the car or easily mixed in a single serve container of yogurt or soft serve ice cream at a quick stop shop. Keep moist towelettes in the car for quick cleanups!

Did you know…

A food dehydrator gives a low cost, low effort way to preserve foods for snacking either in the car or on the trail. Remember dehydrated foods gain in volume, so have water and as they rehydrate you snack less!
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