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Homemade Hot Chocolate For Home or Giving

October 27, 2014

Hot_chocolateHomemade hot cocoa can bring warmth of a different kind with control over what is in your cocoa. Homemade cocoa can also be a nice but inexpensive gift for those trying to stretch the budget this year for gift giving.

There are several variations of basic cocoa mix recipes online but the one I like to use is in bulk so it can be divided for packaging for gifts or, alternately, stocking up for the cold season.

Get a large clean mixing bowl and collect 2 pounds each Nestle’s Quick (or other cocoa powder), powdered creamer, powdered sugar and 16 quarts dry milk. Alternate the layers in the bowl can help it mix a little easier with the volume. Carefully but thoroughly mix together and pack into your containers. Make a pretty tag or card if you’re giving as a gift and attach to the jar the directions to use 1/3 cup of the mix in 9 ounces of hot water. This allows for large cups of hot cocoa on cold winter days

If you aren’t interested in that amount of homemade hot chocolate mix a smaller amount uses 2 cups powdered milk, ¼ cup cocoa and 1 cup powdered sugar along with 1/3 cup creamer. Use 4 tablespoons per cup of boiling water.

Both of these are good on a chilly winter morning or sitting in a sunny window trying to capture warmth in the winter.

A variation I’ve used, with mixed results, is cutting back slightly on the cocoa powder and adding chocolate chips to the mix. This can add richness to the cocoa but sometimes they settle out to the bottom of the mix and end up not mixing in the water well. The result is the top half of the mix isn’t very “chocolatey” and the bottom half has chocolate melted globs in the bottom of the cup. However, if you remember to stir to disperse the chocolate chips evenly through the mix, this can be a nice addition.

Homemade hot cocoa is a very easy thing to make. If you’re packaging for gift giving use jars that are very well cleaned and dried. If shipping use plastic jars instead of glass. Clean ‘recycled’ peanut butter jars work excellent and are less likely to break or tear open than plastic zip bags, which can work very well too. If you’re using the large sized recipe for home use you can also use a washed out plastic 4-5 quart ice cream container.

Many people don’t drink coffee but hot cocoa is something that warms the spirit and the body on chilly days.

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