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A Toast to Heroes

November 11, 2014

I hope everyone will take a few minutes today to say a special thank you to those folks who have stood up and given their time, and often their lives, to the best this country has. A few minutes, a meal, a thank you…a small thing in the face of so much. But of course this is about food, and drink, here on the blog so let’s raise our glasses.

I hope it’s filled with something from Heroes Vodka, a veteran owned vodka that there’s no better time than the holiday season to get acquainted with. Need some ideas?

Photo courtesy Heroes Vodka, used with permission.

Photo courtesy Heroes Vodka, used with permission.

Purple Heart

1 oz. Heroes Vodka
Raspberry liqueur
1 splash grape juice
1 squirt lime juice

Heroes Hooah Shot

½ oz. Heroes Vodka
½ oz. Irish cream
½ oz. butterscotch liqueur

Heroes Vodka Long Island

1 ½ oz. Heroes Vodka
½ oz. triple sec
Fill with sweet & sour
Splash of cola
Lemon wedge (garnish)

Black Ops Martini

2 oz. Heroes Vodka
1 ½ oz. crème de cacao, white
Powdered cocoa (for rim)

If none of those suit, head on over for more great mixes at the Heroes website! If you prefer social media, they’re on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Whether you have a “Grown Man Frat House” like Stephen Cochran or just like a drink now and again, check out the one that gives back to veterans. Pssst remember that many recipes for herbal extracts use vodka as a base – ask for Heroes when you make them, year round. Stephen will have some new music coming out (check him out here). Also team up with Farmer Veterans if you’re near one growing and selling direct.  Check out the Homegrown Heroes label. Win-win situations are good!

All of these are small ways to say thank you. Support them.

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