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10 Winter Indoor Workouts

November 15, 2014

800px-Fruit,_Vegetables_and_Grain_NCI_Visuals_OnlineIt’s coming to the holiday food season. For many that is concern about weight gain and less time outside. Of course food is part of the equation, but so is activity!

For millions of Americans the winter is a time that activity slows down. Perhaps you’re active riding horses or jog several times per week, or go for walks just to stay active. Perhaps your balance isn’t what it used to be and snow and ice is a legitimate problem to walking outside. You still want to exercise but don’t want to risk injury so must find an indoor routine. What to do?! Here are ten ideas for winter to be able to maintain fitness.

1.If you are near a mall consider walking in the mall. True you have to get there, but it’s inside and well maintained to walk from one end to the other covers a considerable distance.

2.Swimming. Many areas have indoor public swimming pools that also have sauna and hot tub for a minimal cost per use or memberships for those who want to work more often. This can be an asset even for those who can’t swim – water aerobics offers water therapy and exercise which stresses joints less than ‘above water’ activities.

3.Jump rope. This is very inexpensive and offers a great indoor workout. Many Americans played with rope as children when it could be as simple as clothesline. Today a basic rope can be the same or you can purchase ‘special’ ropes just for the activity. This is a great way to burn calories. All that is needed is a rope and an open enough area to do it, which could be a garage or living room.

Sugars4.Set up an every day fitness center at home. We all have weights available if we think and get creative. One pound cans of food offer just enough weight for use to hold and raise for toning arms. A step stool can be substituted for stairs. Push ups (even against a counter) can help tone and slim. Sit ups and other exercises slim and tone while offering a workout from the convenience of your living room.

5.Martial arts. This usually involves travel to a studio but there are many forms to test fitness. Tae kwon do is one form. While many people take up martial arts for self defense or discipline there are many that realize it is also a great fitness work out. At the core martial arts is fitness and discipline, and three to five sessions per week is ideal. While there are belt ranks and many picture a black belt with Bruce Lee moves, martial arts is great training for many reasons.

6.Tai chi is an option for many who are interested in martial arts but whom can’t do the more strenuous routines. This is centered on movement and in some areas is very popular with seniors as well as younger adults.

7.Treadmill work. You can often find used treadmills in classified sections for very reasonable prices. This offers walking at a steady speed in an indoor area and is something even the dog can walk with you!

8.Fitness bike. Many love to ride their bike outside but this is dangerous where it is icy and traffic is always a hazard. Having an indoor bike that is either standard exercise bike or some inventive people have found ways to fashion solid, safe stands that raises their bike’s back wheel off the ground, allowing the pedaling benefit without going anywhere.

9.Dance. The popularity of shows like “Dancing With the Stars” has shown that dance can be incredibly physical. This can be ballroom dancing but also can include just any movement to music. Richard Simmons is famous for “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” but don’t overlook dance to your favorite music, whatever it is. Country music fans may find line dancing of interest. Technology today offers instructional DVDs that can teach from the convenience of your home.

10.House cleaning. Believe it or not 10-15 minutes of cleaning house can be a warm up routine for exercise! Stretch as you clean windows or reach for dust bunnies under the bed. Bend and twist and generally pay attention to your movement and accentuate it where possible. This can be altered within your limitations but is a way to get two benefits – a cleaner home and increased fitness from stretching, breathing and bending.

These are all activities that can be adapted for use by children to seniors. It doesn’t require a fitness club, although those can certainly be another means to indoor fitness. Indoor activity can be vigorous or not so much, depending on your abilities. Maintain a safe workout but don’t think that indoor must be boring.

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